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varScoper Issue: won't run within cfbuilder

Name: won't run within cfbuilder
ID: 55
Project: varScoper
Type: Bug
Area: Code
Severity: Normal
Status: Open
Related URL:
Creator: Nolan Dubeau
Created: 01/04/12 4:38 PM
Updated: 01/26/12 8:49 AM
Description: Hi there,

I have installed varscoper into eclipse (running cfbuilder as a plugin) and when I right click on a file to run varscoper

"error occurred while parsing the response from handler "/handlers/cfbuilder.cfm". Check log for more details.

I am running cfserver through command line, not by starting within cfbuilder.

could you please let me know how I might troubleshoot to get varscoper working?

Thank you.

Nolan Dubeau
History: Created by nolandubeau (Nolan Dubeau) : 01/04/12 4:38 PM

Comment by mschierberl (Mike Schierberl) : 01/04/12 4:40 PM
What version are you running, both of varscoper, and CF?

Comment by jcaito (Joshua Caito) : 01/26/12 8:49 AM
Add an Application.cfc file that turns off debugging or turn off debugging through your administrator.

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